GGD Berlin meets #cpeurope, Sunday June 10th, 6pm

GGD Berlin is on a sunday this time, June 10th starting 6pm. As usual this is a meetup for people involved in tech / business with short presentations and a lot of networking.

Our guests this time are from Campus Party Europe, an exciting event in August with expected 10K attendees from all over Europe.


Lisa LangLisa Lang is head of content and is looking for interesting people and projects for this event. She and her stage manager will share what it means to run such an operation.

Additionally we will want to collect ideas on how to better connect Europe – not just for the festival.



How to attend: Add yourself to the guest list here
Everybody is invited, but men only can come as plus one of a women.
If you are a woman, make sure to bring a plus one man with you. ;)

Start: Sunday June 10th, 6pm til ~10 pm.

Adress: Die Turnhalle (Holteistr. 6-9, 10245 Berlin)
Next tram stop: M13 Boxhagener Str / Holteistr. You need to tell BVG the exact stop otherwise you will get some strange recommendations!

Cost: There are no cost to attend the event, everybody pays for their own drink and food. Check the website for more information on what is available.




If you want to spread the news, please use the hashtag ggdberlin (Für Blog-Einträge, Fotos und mehr bitte den Tag ggdberlin verwenden.)

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