GGD Berlin 13.12 „let’s connect“ list

Due to popular demand (I usually have it hear on the blog already but not enough time this time around) let’s create quick list of twitter names and if you are up to it, facebook names (=you don’t mind connecting with people there).

Leave your twitter handle in the comments and do tell if you like to connect on other networks. If you like you can add something short about your self as well and a link to your blog if you have.

Example for me: and and you can add me on Xing too.

Please make sure to subscribe to the newsletter through the form on the right as this is the most reliable way to be informed about new GGD!

Thanks again to everybody for coming!.

This is who I already found through the search for #ggdberlin:

8 Antworten zu „GGD Berlin 13.12 „let’s connect“ list“


  1. #1 Kirsty am 14.12.2011

    Kirsty6WK :)

  2. #2 martl am 14.12.2011

    My twitter handle is!/heartbeaz and this is me on Facebook Feel free to add me as friend.

    Thanks for organizing this nice event yesterday! Hope to see you soon!

  3. #3 Shermin Voshmgir am 14.12.2011
  4. #4 Shermin Voshmgir am 14.12.2011
  5. #5 Silvia Foglia am 14.12.2011

    Hi girls,
    it was a pleasure to meet you all last night, I really had great time.
    I’m the Italian girl of the group, I work in twago as Country Manager for Italy. Since I work from this beautiful city, I love to connect with other people in the start up and IT Berlin scene.
    twago is the European online marketplace that helps companies to connect with experts in programming, design and business services.

    I would like to connect on these networks:
    twitter: (mostly Italian, sorry)

    on twitter I added you all on the list GGD Berlin

    Thanks and see you next time!


  6. #6 Babette Wagner am 14.12.2011
  7. #7 Katharina Galla am 15.12.2011

    ich bin Community Managerin bei der transmediale, festival for digital art & culture, das vom 31. Jan – 5. Febr 2012 zum 25. Mal im Haus der Kulturen der Welt stattfinden wird.
    Ausserdem schreibe ich einen blog über Medienkunst im öffentlichen Raum
    Connect w/ me personally

  8. #8 Jess Erickson am 15.12.2011

    Hey Girl geeks of Berlin,

    Had a great time meeting all of you and thanks for allowing me to present. If you ever want to connect with other startups in Berlin, please do not hesitate to ask! email: jessica ä

    You can reach me on these social circles:
    – Tumblr:
    – Twitter:
    – LinkedIn:

    Hope to reconnect with all of you soon,